Coming in early 2021

White Oak River: a Story of Slavery’s Secrets

To marry John Mattocks, Caroline Gibson leaves behind her genteel life, which she finds much easier than leaving behind her bigotry. While she’s content being served, John lives to serve others. Following his heart to become an abolitionist preacher, he turns his back on his family’s wealth and their long-held institution of slavery. But when Caroline discovers her own hidden ancestry, the Civil War’s failure to create a changed society begins to mirror their marriage, not only leaving the nation in despair but their relationship as well. Can their love stay strong and find deeper roots in forgiveness and acceptance?

This dramatic story of love, faith, family bonds, and discrimination is based on true events of the author’s great-great-great-grandparents in North Carolina.

The Pulse of His Soul: The Story of John Lothropp, a Forgotten Forefather

 Based on a true story of love and loss, family and faith.

At the height of Separatist suppression and enforced Anglican worship in England, Reverend John Lothropp meets and marries Hannah Howse. The witty, educated vicar’s daughter immediately challenges his decision to put God before a wife. In a world spiraling into hypocrisy, tyranny, and betrayal, Hannah refuses to break from her Anglican roots. But when John comes face-to-face with his deep-seated convictions about religious freedom, he’s forced to make a hard choice—renounce his orders with the Church of England to become an outlawed Separatist or conform and save his marriage, his family, and his life.

Considered one of the most important ministers to follow in the footsteps of the Plymouth Pilgrims, John Lothropp helped plant the seeds of religious freedom in America’s soil and left a legacy of well-known individuals who influenced the nation’s destiny.

The Cry of Her Heart

A companion novella to The Pulse of His Soul

Punished for her choice to leave the Church of England and meet illegally with the secret Separatist community, genteel Penninah Howse is thrown into Clink Prison with little chance of release. To survive prison under the evil of Bishop William Laud’s tyranny, she must evade the advances of a malicious jailer, learn to live with a cruel cellmate, and battle the enemies of hunger, filth, vermin, and self-doubt. When Robert Linnell finally succeeds in buying visitation rights, her old and dear friend not only brings food, he brings hope. Is there a chance he’ll find a way to secure her release? Or will this be her life forever?